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Your KOHLER residential backup generator system can be sized and wired for your home in one of three power distribution scenarios:

Essential Loads Power Distribution

This first scenario supplies
electrical power only to those devices you have pre-selected to receive power during a power interruption. This allows a smaller generator to be used. Devices can be your security system, furnace, and or lighting to name a few.

Load Management Power Distribution

This second scenario can help prioritize higher electrical loads by balancing the electricity supply. Your entire home will be connected to the generator for power, but some circuits may be automatically cycled on and off to prevent a generator overload.

Whole House Power Distribution

This third scenario enables you to power all devices in your home with the generator as if you had never lost power. This requires a mid sized to larger generator.

Generator Servicing and InstallationKOHLER back up residential generators can be installed during new construction or into an existing residence or business.

We provide Semi-annual (recommended) or Annual service.
Click here to view what our Preventive Maintenance covers.


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